At 40, Former Olympic Champion Returns With a Different Focus

On February 21, 2012, the New York Times wrote this:

"In 1988, Evans, then 17 and weighing barely 100 pounds, vanquished the East Germans — later found to be systematically doping — on her way to three Olympic gold medals in Seoul, South Korea, and instantly became a household name. She was so accomplished by her third and final Olympics, in 1996 in Atlanta, that she was chosen to pass the Olympic torch to Muhammad Ali during the opening ceremony.

Sixteen years after those Games, and a year after returning to the pool, Evans has qualified to race in her signature events, the 400- and 800-meter freestyles, at the United States Olympic trials in June. The top two finishers in each event will earn berths to the London Games.

Evans’s return to high-level competition has captivated some while confusing others. For every person who applauds her comeback after giving birth to two children and taking a 14-year hiatus from training, many others wonder about her motives given that she is a long shot to qualify for her fourth Olympics."