Janet Evans’ golden moment came out of the pool

On June 30, 2012, the Chicago Tribune wrote this:

"Her comeback over, Evans leaves with a record unbroken and an indelible link to Olympic history

OMAHA — We met for the first time for an interview at her home in California before the 1988 Olympics. Janet Evans was a bubbly 16-year old, and I was a month from becoming a father, a year older then than she is now.

You keep your distance in this business, fearful of getting too close to a subject lest the day come when there is going to be a negative story, and you can’t find the emotional detachment to write it properly. Over time, that gap between Janet and me shrank, maybe because from the day my son was born, Janet’s father, Paul, always would ask how he was doing. And when Janet got a little older, so would she."

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